Covid-19 #HelpAKarigar intitiave

Covid-19 #HelpAKarigar intitiave

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we have all faced impactful setbacks in our lives be it socially, economically or emotionally. The ones worst hit, however, are those less fortunate. Due to the complete shut down of the markets and production during the ongoing lockdowns, many businesses have suffered. Most importantly, those working on smaller jobs, whose families survive solely on their current incomes.

The karigars, weavers, artisans, embroiderers are some of the most integral pillars of what makes Sihali Jageer possible, they turn our vision into a tangible reality. They make the beautiful clothes you so love to wear!

At the time when our business is completely shut, they need our support the most. While we as a company are doing all in our capacity to compensate all of them and pay their salaries, many of them have family members who have lost their jobs.

To help the weavers, karigars, tailors, workers, we have further endeavoured to sell our current ready outfits to raise funds for them and their families in an initiative called “Help a Karigar”. Under this initiative, we put our people before profits, 100% of the proceeds of these clothes during the lockdown period will go to the support of our karigars and none of the funds will be used for any company related costs. Further, we are waiving our profits and providing discounts on our pieces.

So please join us, support us as we #HelpAKarigar through these trying times, and do call us or place your orders. This sale is now over, but not our effort to support the karigar community. That promise we renew in each joda, every exhibitions. 

These images- we introduce you to the families we are supporting together.