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Some 400 years ago Afridi Pathans settled in an estate in Northern India called Sihali Jageer, in what is today the Amroha district of Uttar Pradesh. The estate covered regions with predominant Rajput Chauhans, and extended from Hasanpur to Gajraula. In the neighbourhood was also Barah Basti, 12 villages inhabited by local Rajputs as well as settlements of Yusufzai and Lodi Pathans. Read More

It was here that a gradual fusion of martial cultures took place between the different Pathan tribes and the local Rajputs, reflecting the true essence and spirit of India. We bring you these rich traditions, passed from one generation to the next, adapted to modern lifestyles and needs. We bring our heritage, style, and comfort.

The People

Aisha Ashraf and Ursala Jung, sisters belonging to the Sihali Jageer family, are both bankers by profession. They gave in to the temptation of bringing the rich heritage of this unique region to the world and finally decided to follow their heart. Their heartfelt desire to preserve this rich heritage by introducing to the world the traditions and fineries they have grown up with, drawn from the place called home. Thereby Sihali Jageer, the company, was born.

Aisha, the main designer, has lived in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Dubai among other places. She draws her inspiration both from her traditions, as well as from the tropics. And also adds a touch of Japanese aesthetics, drawn from her many years of living in Tokyo.

The third partner is Renu Rana, the counterbalance. Renu hails from the ruling Rajput family of Jawalagarh.  A graduate of the Lady Irwin College in New Delhi and an army wife, she brings a unique balance to design using the art, textiles and cultures of the Rajputs.



Our designs are a blend. Just like the fabric of our country, we blend heritage and legacy into contemporary and modern designs.

We focus on ethnic fabrics, weaves, embroidery, Indian attires of lesser known and undervalued rural traditions inspire us. We combine these traditional garments with contemporary needs and more daring clothing styles to achieve a synthesis of style, comfort, and heritage Our moral principles dictate us to emphasize quality and teamwork as we cater to our customers with diligence, integrity, and responsibility.

A belief shared by our customers. We are proud to add to our list the most accomplished women from different walks of life entrepreneurs, social activists, creative professionals, homemakers…..