Sihali Jageer- The Story Of The Logo

Sihali Jageer- The Story Of The Logo

Our background

About 400 years ago, several tribes of Afridi Pathans settled down in what is today the Amroha district of Uttar Pradesh. The Sihali Jageer estate covered regions with predominant Rajput Chauhans, and it was here that there was a gradual fusion of martial cultures between the different Pathan tribes and the local Rajputs, an amalgam of traditions, dress sense and jewellery as well as cultures. Reflecting the true essence and spirit of India.

Our tribute to the last Jageerdar of SIhali Jageer

It was during Emperor Jahangir’s time that our ancestor, Malik Dat Khan, first came to the area. Mehmood Ali Khan (1904-1964) was the last Jageerdar of Sihali Jageer.

He was a strong advocate for equality and inclusiveness. His Jageerdari saw several Rajput pradhaans as well as Muslim, and several legends have been passed down the generations.

A favourite is the story during the drought which saw the Jageerdar breaking the ground (hal chalna) as an offer of prayers with the Hindu farmers as well as reading the do rakat namaz. Legend has it that he blackened his face with soot as he sat in prayer, waiting for the rain to wash him and the land. 

One of his many legacies are the mango orchards, still lovingly tended to by the third generation of the family.

With the addition of his photograph into our logo, we feel his presence, still looking down at all we do. 

Our home, the haveli at Sihali Jageer

The home where we feel the presence of all the generations that came before us, our home. Our shelter. 

The source of our inspiration in keeping alive the old ways, making them relevant to our modern lives. 

The location we share with most of our photos, taken at our old home. 

Welcome to Sihali Jageer.