When you wear a Sihali Jageer original

When you wear a Sihali Jageer original

You wear history and lineage.

Handwoven fabrics that take you back to a less hurried era before mass-produced styles became the norm.
You borrow the nazaakat of a proud medieval people, extracted from a unique and rich culture. Wear it with clean, our clothes are inspired by a culture derived through a syncretic exchange of lifestyles over centuries of intermingling. Between the proud tribal societies of the North Western borders of undivided India. With the rich martial traditions of the Rajput clans located on both sides of the great city of Delhi. From the land whose name we borrow for our own brand.

You wear an extract of nature.

In the form of natural cotton and silks, both homespun and handmade. We work with fabrics of a bygone era and make sure that you wear the organic rather than the synthetic.

You salute an ancient time

A time where the beauty of handcrafted art created by a class of artisans is proof that some things are worth preserving, no matter the cost and consequences.

You help revive an artistic culture

which was once renowned across the globe. We use shades, combinations, and colors that were popular in a bygone era, sometimes even bordering on the old-fashioned. Making them relevant once more.

You break boundaries

Aari needlework from Uttar Pradesh on Chanderi weaves from Madhya Pradesh.

Metal zardosi embroidery with its origins from Iran, on Maheshwari cotton.

The bridal Kaarchobi raised metal embroidery, but on linen. We combine the best of different regions.

You encourage serenity.

Our colors are always selected to be muted, elegant, understated. Even when we add a touch of orange to a blush pink or a black palate inside a grey outfit, the result is dramatic. Yet underplayed.

You wear comfort.

Our clothes are built around a balance between a heavy top with a simple bottom. Or a gorgeous, labourious gharara style, with the lightweight top. We keep our styles deliberately muted, our cuts simple, also so that the handiwork shines out more.